A Company with a future

As an owner-managed family business, Osterrath's activities are not limited to the short term but extend over generations. We cultivate a corporate culture that focuses on people, not things. People are the foundation of our success. We stand for honest and trusting cooperation at every level. We are committed to open dialogue and value an informal, trusting relationship with each other.

Innovation that connects

For more than 170 years we have been driven by a passion for solving the technical challenges that help our customers.

We implement your idea with our know-how. Our customized stamping and tube form products are „Made in Germany“.

1850 Johann Osterrath founds the company.
1920 Production startup of soldered and solderless connectors for the rapidly expanding broadcast industry.
1950 The automotive industry creates a new mass market for Osterrath’s products.
1999 Jan Roland Osterrath becomes the fourth generation of company management
2000 Our family-owned company celebrates its 150th anniversary joined by current and former employees.
2012 Building on previous years’ successful investments, we start up our new toolmaking facility.
2017 Osterrath sets an ecological mile stone by installing a 550 kWp photovoltaic system and the largest green wall in Germany.
Today The doubling of production floor space, stock capacity and an investment in new production lines leave us well positioned to service your project needs.

Social Responsibility

Sustainability at Osterrath is not limited to working together with our customers, partners and employees. We are actively living up to our responsibility towards future generations. We operate the largest regional photovoltaic system, provide CO2-neutral heating using local woodchips, have installed a green roof system and the largest green wall in Germany.

Leadership with passion

"Leadership is not a one-way street. Osterrath is characterised by honesty, transparency and mutual trust in common goals." - Jan Osterrath

Management (f.l.t.r.):